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Amateur artist and part time farmer in central London

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A little bit about me

In terms of art (which let's face it, is probably why you're here) I am entirely self taught. Just like pretty much every other artist in existance ever, I enjoy drawing and have done so from a young age! I don't have any qualifications in anything art related, why? I'm a bit of a science nut, so my exam list would cause most people to have an aneurism.

I've always enjoyed art as a way to relax, or something to work on on the side, but recently have started actually using my art for REAL STUFF, such as illustrations for work and my first ever commission (very exciting stuff!) If you're interested in viewing my work, please check the gallery page, and don't forget to look at the projects I have worked on!


I graduated with a degree in Zoology in 2010. I don't shy away from telling anyone, I love life sciences! I tell you, I drew some pretty mean diagrams of cells and crab guts in university!

After graduating in the midst of economic strife (well that's my excuse anyway) I decided to take any job I could get. I wound up working as for a local web development company, Rocktime. I have to admit, being a receptionist wasn't exactly what I had in mind with my glorious new B.Sc but in retrospect, it was great. It took a while, but after my work colleagues discovered I was a pretty dab hand with a computer it wasn't long before I was playing at being stand in technical team and rocking the social media world with our corporate blog.

In early 2012 I decided to quit my job and move to London. I rediscovered that being unemployed and job seeking sucks, and started volunteering at Vauxhall City Farm. This turned out to be The Best Decision Ever and I swiftly found myself not only being taken on as a casual employee athere, but I was head hunted for a paid position yet another urban farm, so I am currently the Education Coordinator at Deen City Farm in south London.

Whoever said never work with animals or children had obviously never worked with animals AND children because let me tell you, it is a total hoot.


I play too many video games. In particular I'm a huge fan of glorious fantasy or science fictiony settings, at the moment I'm on a total Guild Wars 2 bender and it kind of shows in what I draw lately. In fact you can kind of plot "what I played" fairly accurately against "what I drew fanart of". I guess I'm easily swayed. I read a lot, draw a lot, sleep a lot. I live with some lovely folks and we do a lot of anime convention odds and ends together (neeeeerds).

I currently live life dangerously and have three pets at my "no pets" house. A Royal Python called Darwin and two Leopard geckos, who are sadly deprived and do not have names. On occasion I also bring work home with me, let me tell you, I have taken some weird stuff with me on the tube. And you know what, nothing makes folks smile more on a busy commute then a batty lady with a box of ducklings.